Unisex Fragrances You Can Share with Bae this V-Day and Every Other Day

The best of both wonderfully scented worlds

When it comes to perfume, unisex fragrances really don’t get the love and attention they rightfully deserve. They are perfect for people who don’t want to smell too masculine or too girly, and can often be more sultry and sophisticated than their gendered counterparts.

You know what else is good about ’em? They are perfect for sharing 😉.

Here are our top six unisex scents:

1 Kiehl’s Original Musk EDT

As the name would suggest, this fragrance is a musky scent, but the additional notes of orange blossom, bergamot and tonka bean make it a super-sensual scent for anyone and everyone who wants to ooze sexiness out of every pore… Or at least their pulse points.

2 Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne

Jo Malone is known for its crazy-cool combos and this fragrance, which is its signature scent, is no different. It’s crisp, refreshing and gives a citrus punch which will definitely wake you (and everyone around you) up in the mornings.

3 Aesop Marrakech Intense EDT

In the mood for something warm and spicy? This oriental-floral fragrance has notes of cardamom, cloves and rose, which will take you on that fabulous Moroccan holiday you’ve been wanting to go on for ages, but haven’t been able to organise yet.

4 Calvin Klein CK2 EDT

Calvin Klein is known for his amazing unisex fragrances, with CK One having been popular since the ’90s. Enter CK2 – it was launched in 2016 and was made with the Millennial in mind. With notes of wasabi, mandarin and violet leaf, we think he got it right. Again.

5 Lush Breath Of God Perfume

Who wouldn’t want to smell like the breath of the almighty? No-one, that’s who. Very strategic marketing, Lush! The scent combination of neroli, sandalwood and cedar make this natural, ethical perfume deserving of a spot in any fragrance collection.

6 Tom Ford Black Orchid EDP

Sure, this perfume might be a bit bougie, but it is well worth the price. Tom Ford creates fragrances that have celebs and plebs alike falling at his feet. They are THAT good. This modern classic is a unisex blend of jasmine, black-truffle citrus and more, to have you and bae both smelling your best.

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