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You might not be aware of it – and I hate to be the bearer of gross news – but there are hundreds, if not thousands, of tiny bugs livin’ large on your face right now. The good news is that you need never be lonely again (LOL) but the bad news is that they can, if left untreated, start wreaking havoc with your skin. Read and learn, peeps.

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#DEMODEX #SKINMITES cause everything from acne to rosacea to allergies to hair loss. Most people have no idea that this is the case and are blindly treating the skin and hair with chemicals for wrongly diagnosed problems that can be taken care of with natural hygiene. Mites, bacteria and fungus are causing the majority of your skin issues which leads to internal issues, we will focus on the mites… demodex. β€” Demodex mites are invisible and feed on the sebum oil on our skin. They are often called β€œeyelash mites” as they live primarily on the face – nose and eyes – and are the cause of crusty morning eyes. They work at night, preferring darkness. Almost everyone has this and can be found on pets and wild animals. Every pore on our body can have up to 40 Demodex Mites at all stages of life. This means they are procreating, laying eggs, and leaving excrement in the pores. The toxins and waste they leave causes the pores to clog up and can choke out the hair follicle. β€” Treat with oils like neem, coconut, tea tree and other essential oils. Stay clean. Avoid gluten, starch and wheat. Practice #NATURALHYGIENE.

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Meet the Mites

Demodex folliculorum and Demodex brevis are the two types of mites that like to live on our skin. You probably have a number of them wriggling around in your pores all day, unbeknownst to you, the host. A small clinical trial held in 2014 saw that 100% of participants over the age of 18 had mite DNA on their skin, with 14% having bugs that were visible under the microscope. Think you might be the exception to this study and be mite-free? Sadly, we all have them and we are constantly sharing them with those around us. Nice thought.

But what do these mites get up to on your face? For one, they chow down on your skin cells and oil secretions. Another nauseating fact is that they aren’t able to poop, so they just increase in size until they explode all over you. These explosions are actually suspected to be the cause of rosacea flare-ups, the redness being a reaction to the bacteria. Other fun facts about these tiny bugs is that they lay eggs in your pores as well as coming to the surface to have sex on your face while you are sleeping. So even if you are going through a dry spell, chances are that your mite family isn’t. No one said life was fair.

Manage the Mites

So we can’t get rid of the mites altogether, but can they be kept to a minimum? Maybe a nuclear family unit? Yes, they can! (phew).

While there are topical treatments and antibiotics that can be administered by a dermatologist, this is for extreme cases. For the rest of us, it’s important to use a gentle cleanser twice a day and to exfoliate at least twice a week. The fewer dead skin cells there are for the munching, the less desirable a host you are. And this is the one time that that is a good thing.

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