This Viral Hack Can Give You Red-carpet-worthy Curls Using an Empty Water Bottle

Do try this at home.

Who doesn’t love a good beauty hack? No one! And the latest one that promises your best ever hair day is no exception. But what tools do you need to perform this viral hack at home? Just a regular ol’ hairdryer and an empty plastic bottle.

Blow Me

This seemingly strange beauty hack was originally spotted on a Malaysian Facebook page. Those who saw it couldn’t believe that blow-drying your hair inside a plastic bottle would result in flawless, red-carpet-worthy locks; but more and more people have started documenting their experiences on social media and the results have been mind-blowing!

While we would ALL love to own top-of-the-range hair tools, this is just not a reality – we’re in a recession after all. That is why this viral hack, affectionately known as the #blowthebottlechallenge, has been getting so much ❤️love❤️ (and even more views and shares). So how does it work? A hole is cut out of a section of a plastic bottle, you bundle your hair inside and then blow-dry it through the hole. Next, you allow your hair to cool before pulling it out of the bottle and a gorgeous curl will be revealed. You can then separate your hair and enjoy the results, which you won’t want to waste any time showing off.

See for yourself:

The reason this works is because of ‘vortex technology’, which whips your hair around the bottle while keeping it contained. This means fewer fly-aways and more curl definition. Who would’ve thought?! Now you can recycle your plastic by adding it to your beauty arsenal — it really is a win-win.

We can’t wait to give this hack a try come hair-wash day, but we’ll make sure we have a fire extinguisher handy…you know, for in case.

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