This New Fragrance Is a True Celebration of Girl Power

Finally, a perfume with a name that we can relate to!

The world is changing fast, and it’s about damn time. In a historically male-dominated society, women have often been pushed to the sidelines. But now more than ever, us girls are taking charge and unleashing our strength, power, and femininity.

And, the world of fashion is taking notice and stepping up.

We’re always pumped to see messages of feminine empowerment reflected by our fave fashion houses, and the latest fragrance by Zadig & Voltaire is no exception. With its fun, adventurous slogan ‘Girls Can Do Anything’, what’s not to love?

A Zadig & Voltaire Scent As Fierce As You Are

Just like you, this scent is deeply complex and always surprising. Bright oakmoss blends seamlessly with creamy tonka, while a dash of geranium and rose add a sprightly floral twist. Its trail is sparkling and vibrant, boosted by a fresh breath of clean aldehydes.

Even the bottle has a unique, contrasting personality. The ultra-feminine shape is offset by just a hint of masculinity in the form of an embossed metal cap, almost resembling a vintage car accessory. Decked out in gorge shades of pink, white and silver, this one is perfect for that Insta shot of your dresser.

Whether you’re more reserved when it comes to perfumes, or a full-on rebel princess, this is a scent that will make you feel powerful. When women come together to support and empower each other, great things are bound to happen. Along with Zadig & Voltaire, we truly believe that girls can do anything.

So, don’t be afraid to wear what you like, say what you want and be yourself. When you own your power and know your worth, the whole world is in your hands. Yaaaas! Get it, girl.

For more information, visit Zadig-et-voltaire.com or connect with Zadig & Voltaire on social media:

Facebook: @zadigetvoltaire

Twitter: @zadigetvoltaire

Instagram: @zadigetvoltaire

This post was sponsored by Zadig & Voltaire.

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