This Naughty Hair Colour Trend Came Just in Time For Valentine's Day


People have always had food-related visual euphemisms for a penis. For years it was the humble sausage, but ever since the invention of messaging apps the sausage has been replaced by a popular purple vegetable – the eggplant. If someone sends you the eggplant emoji, they are definitely not suggesting you come over for some baba ghanoush but something rather more intimate. So if you want to take your sex appeal up a notch, maybe you need to jump onto the latest hair colour trend from across the pond – aubergine hair.

Eggplant Purple Hair Colour is Trending

Brinjals used to be limited to eating and texting, but they have now made they way into the mainstream in a tongue-in-cheek way. Beauty brand Lush has launched a line of sexy (and suggestive) emoji bath bombs in celebration of the Day of Love, which has been getting a lot of attention online.

But some people have taken it a step further and dyed their hair a shade of purple that matches this cheeky veggie. While we’re not sure if it was intentional, it definitely is timely.

Sure, the real reason that this particular hair colour is probably trending is that it’s winter overseas – where this look originates – and this shade pairs well with the moody weather. But that shouldn’t put you off if you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day makeover because we reckon that it will look just as good as being sun-kissed in summer. And we lurrrve a versatile shade.

This is the second hair colour trend to find its way on to our social media feeds, along with mustard-yellow hair, and if these colours are anything to go by, 2019 is going to be a daring and experimental one especially when it comes to beauty.

More of this, please!

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