This Genius Hack Will Keep Your Liquid Lipstick Crack-Free ALL Day


When long-wear liquid lipstick broke on to the scene a few years ago, we were ~shook~. This is because FINALLY there was a product that could last as long as we can. Day-to-night? This stuff will go the distance.


The only issues with these innovative lippies is that they tend to make lips really dry and can also start to crack at some point in the day. Not a good look. But one genius Reddit user has come up with an awesome solution to this annoying problem.

When her favourite liquid lipstick was running out, she put a few drops of almond oil into the tube so that she could get out the last remnants. She claimed that she actually preferred the feeling of the formula after she had added the oil.

But does it change how the formula wears at all? Apparently not. Despite having oil in it, it still dries matte and lasts all day, with little to no difference to how it looks.

Not only is this hack really smart, but it is also really cheap too. You can pick up a bottle of almond oil for less than 50 bucks, and one bottle will last you forever (well, depending on how many tubes of liquid lipstick you own!).

Comfortable, crack-free lips? This hack is a game-changer.

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