This Bold Hair Colour Is Trending and No One Saw It Coming


It’s 2019, which means that we have an endless choice of hair dyes available on the market. Forget just a basic selection of blondes, browns and blacks, we can now rock anything from pink to blue and everything in between. Fashion colours, much like fashion fads, all go through stages. In fact, not too long ago pastel shades are what all the cool kids were sporting. After that, it was all shades of grey. But RN there’s a brand new bold hair colour trending and it’s unexpected AF.

Not-so-mellow Yellow

Yellow hair and even yellow makeup aren’t newcomers to the beauty world, but the specific shade of yellow that is making waves at the moment is one you might sooner expect to see on a hotdog: Mustard Yellow. Yes, you read that right!
When we heard about this trend we were skeptical as to whether anyone would be able to pull it off. But, as it happens, it actually looks really lush. It suits more skin tones than its yellow counter-shades and stands out without being scary. Because scary is never a good look.
The mustard movement started across the pond where it’s currently winter (‘sup, Northern Hemisphere!) so it makes sense that their colour palette would be warmer than your cool pastels or shocking neons. Despite that, we rate it would still look equally as appropriate in the summer months.

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If you love this bold hair colour, then we strongly encourage you to take the plunge. If not, don’t worry because, like most other trends, this one probably won’t be sticking around for that much longer. We can’t even begin to predict what shade is going to be making waves next (or which condiment it is going to be inspired by – ketchup, anyone?) but we are pretty excited to find out.

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