This Ariana Grande-Inspired Nail Art Doubles Up as a Message to Haters

‘Thank U, Next’

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, pop starlet Ariana Grande is going to be releasing the music video for her latest tune ‘Thank U, Next’ on Friday. It references four teen movies we love, including Mean Girls and Legally Blonde, and she has been teasing snaps from it for so long that it’s almost like it has already launched!

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The song itself surpassed 100 million streams on Spotify in only 11 days – the first song ever to reach this monumental milestone. So we won’t be surprised if her video breaks the internet, both literally and figuratively. Naturally, the imminent release has got Arianators around the world reeeeaally excited. So excited, in fact, that it has even inspired some innovative nail artists to get creative. How? By using the song title as manicure inspiration.

Message in Manicures

Some Ariana Grande fans (who also happen to be nail art enthusiasts) are digging ‘Thank U, Next’ so much that they are legit putting it on their nails. As if a Lush bath bomb in your honour isn’t enough.

This manicure not only pays tribute to hot-and-happening artists, but it can also double up as a message to all your haters. Handy!

It’s sort of like the 2018 update of this nail-art message right here…

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Lindsay Lohan in court, 2010 / Getty Images

We have a feeling that this is just the beginning, and when the ‘Thank U, Next’ music video officially drops (can Friday hurry up already?), it will inspire all the beauty junkies to flex their creative muscles. We’ll just be here brushing up on our skills.

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