The Man Perm – or 'Merm' – Is Bringing Back the '80s Bounce to Men's Hair

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Aaaah, the ’80s. Definitely one of the most memorable decades of the 20th century, this time period gave rise to controversial fashion and beauty trends, some of which we hope will stay there where they belong.


One of the hallmark trends of the ’80s was interesting hairstyles and one of them is making a major comeback on the heads of our male counterparts. And in case you were thinking it was the mullet, think again. It’s the man perm – or merm.

Hairy Situation

There isn’t a fashionista during the’ 80s who didn’t have or at least dabble with the idea of getting a perm. They were one of the key beauty looks that defined the era. Since then, however, this hairstyle, which is essentially permanent, tight curls have mostly fallen out of favour with the masses (but does make an appearance on the occasional hipster). Word on the ‘gram, however, is that this polarising hairstyle is experiencing a resurgence, especially among the male population, which is how the contraction ‘merm’ came about.

This in-salon treatment creates curls using chemicals, which are applied to the hair then rolled with rollers to give them their iconic shape. Perms are generally permanent, meaning that you have to wait for your hair to grow or whip out a pair of scissors if you want to get rid of them. Talk about a commitment!


So what do the ends results look like? Not unlike Justin Timberlake in the early-2000s…


… but with a slightly more current edge.

We’re not sure if this poodle-esque hairdo is going to stick around for a while or is merely passing through our social media feeds, but good on these gents for pursuing their #hairgoals.

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