The Latest Eyeliner Trend is a Reversed Take on an Old Classic

Reverse-winged eyeliner. We never thought we’d see the day…

Here at COSMO SA headquarters, we are always keeping our eyes peeled for the freshest eyeliner trends, and the one that is currently got all of social media talking is a classic with a modern twist. Reverse-winged liner is here to make your makeup routine that little bit more confusing.

What is it?

You know how the beauty bloggers of Instagram are always trying out new things and coming up with creative new concepts when it comes to applying makeup? That’s pretty much how this current fad began. Unlike the similarly named reverse liner, which refers to eyeliner placed underneath the eye, this trend is basically a full cat eye, but the winged end is facing inwards towards the nose. It’s weird, it’s rebellious, and it’s actually not that bad!

Dare to be different

Reverse-winged eyeliner, or backwards liner, is as easy (or complicated) as doing a traditional cat eye. If you are wanting to try this trend, just know that it will make you eyes seem closer together. This makeup trend is a combination of pretty and unsettling, but we think we’ll keep our liner the right way around, thanks!

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