The Best Nail-Polish Colour to Wear According to Your Zodiac Sign

It’s written in the stars🌟🌟🌟

With so many shades to choose from, deciding on a nail polish colour for your mani can be overwhelming. Because picking the right one is important, okay! If you’re stuck, the answer can be found where many of life’s important answers are … the stars. Here is the perfect colour for your next nail job.

Aries: Holographic Blue

Being the adventurous spirit that you are, you are always the first on the bandwagon when it comes to trying new trends. That’s why the holographic look is perfect for you – attention-grabbing as well as Insta-worthy!

Taurus: Pastel Pink

‘Ride or die’ is your life motto. It applies to the colour you wear on your nails as much as it does everything else. That’s why this subtle, girly pink is your go-to – it’s classic but still pretty and flirty.

Gemini: Denim Blue

You like to live your life going slightly against the grain. No-one would be able to call you a basic b*tch! That being said, nail-polish colours that you would wear well are the less common but still equally eye-catching ones. Denim blue, anyone?

Cancer: Very Berry

You navigate your way through life using your heart rather than your head. Because of this, many of your choices – including your beauty ones – are made using emotions. This cosy colour is warm but bright and is like a hug for your fingertips.

Leo: Vibrant Orange

Being the loud and bold character you are, it’s only fitting that your nails should match your out-there personality. Adding a bright shade of orange to your repertoire will help to convey who you are. As if you need help from your manicure – HA!

Virgo: Classic Red

As a perfectionist, you tend not to stray too far away from the tried-and-tested shades. This is why a bold, sexy, classic red is your perfect manicure match. Pretty and perfect, you really can’t go wrong with this timeless colour.

Libra: Not-So-Basic Black

Because you consider beauty something of a lifestyle, you don’t simply follow every trend. You know what works and what suits you best. Bold black is your staple shade, because it’s classic but still has plenty of edge.

Scorpio: Navy Blue

The one word that probably describes you best is moody. It’s okay, we wouldn’t want you any other way! Why not embrace this character trait by getting a mani in a similarly brooding shade, like a deep-navy blue? It’s pretty while still being mysterious.

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Sagittarius: Nice ‘n Neutral

You like to be in the spotlight, but you are more than capable of doing that with your dazzling personality, thank you very much! When it comes to your nails, you prefer things that are more natural, such as beige and greige shades.

Capricorn: Marvellous Mauve

Mauve is a great shade for many people. This is because it’s just that lil’ bit fancy without being too in-your-face. If you want people to know that you have your shiz together, which is a Capricorn trait, this is the colour for you.

Aquarius: Shiny Lavender

You’re a special flower. Your dreamy airy-fairy disposition means that dreamy shades that you might spot at a music fest are ideal for your manicures. A soft lavender with a sprinkling of glitter should do the trick every time.

Pisces: Coral Crush

You’re not one who needs to be in your comfort zone at all times. This means that you are always pushing the envelope when it comes to your beauty routine. A cheerful shade of coral will remind you to keep embracing that individuality while looking fab.

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