The Best Eyeshadow Palettes for Every Eye Colour to Shop Now

Meet your perfect match.

These days there are so many drool-worthy eyeshadow palettes on our shelves that we can become overwhelmed by choices. Don’t get us wrong, this isn’t a bad thing but it can lead to buyers remorse and overspending – we’ve all been there.

One way to narrow down your choices when picking the perfect palette is to choose one that has shades that compliment your eye colour. What a novel idea!

Here are colour collection suggestions that will make your peepers pop. You can thank us when the compliments start rolling in.

Brown Eyes

Colours that compliment brown eyes range from bright golds to cool blues. The Smashbox palette has great shades for a night on the town, while the Urban Decay one has shimmer and matte shades for day or nighttime looks.

Blue Eyes

Are you sporting a pair of baby blues? Your complimentary shades include browns – from deep chocolate ones to light tans. And if you want to step outside the neutral box, apricots, peaches and pinks look really good too.

Green Eyes

Green is the rarest eye colour out there and you don’t want to dull their sparkle by wearing the wrong eyeshadow. For a bold look, purple is a colour that compliments green well, and wearing muted plums tones can be used if you want to be subtle.

Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes are pretty common and are a mixture of both brown and green. This means that eyeshadows in either of these shades can help to accentuate them. Browns in all varieties work well, as do autumn shades like burnt orange and gold.

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