The 7 Essential Beauty Products to Keep on Your Work Desk

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Working in a beauty office, I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by anything I might need for a sneaky beauty pick-me-up. In fact, if I had to rely on toting my own stuff around all day I would look a hot mess. This is when having a few essential beauty products that live on your work desk helps. Because who doesn’t like a bit of DIY pampering to get you through the final slog? Here are the beauty products that should take up residence in your office. Productivity never looked so good!

1 Face Wipes

Wipes are really useful: they can clean up spills on your desk or your new white shirt, you can use them to clean your desk and, most importantly, they can be used for their intended purpose – to keep your face feeling fresh and clean.

2 Facial Mist

The office environment can be draining – and not just on your soul. Most companies have air-conditioning systems to keep you from melting into a puddle in summer, but they also suck moisture out the air and, in turn, your skin. One spritz of facial mist and you’ll be instantly hydrated.

3 A Nail File

One of the things that the beauty team get asked for most often by colleagues in other departments is an emery board. Really. Having one of these on hand can help you and your co-workers in a manicure crisis.

4 Hand Cream

Looking after your hands during the work day is important, especially if they work hard typing for you. Chances are that you are washing your hands vigorously after using the nasty office loos, so make sure you moisturise them thoroughly afterwards.

5 Dry Shampoo

Things can be a bit crazy in the mornings. We get it. And often we have to forego some shower time to be able to get to work on time, and then you only realise when you reach the office that your hair is looking a bit manky. Having a can of dry shampoo on hand can give your hair a pick-me-up so that no-one will ever know.

6 Lip Balm

One of the most important beauty products to have within arm’s reach all day is a nourishing lip balm. Our lips can become dry, cracked and sore, whether it’s from the cooling system or picking at them constantly because you are worried about how you are going to finish your reports. Slather this on – you’ll thank us later.

7 A Red Lipstick

Sometimes work life gets hectic. Suddenly you have a client meeting that you weren’t prepared for and you have no idea how you are going to wing it. This is when it comes time to apply a liberal coat of confidence – to your lips, that is. It’ll make you feel a lot more together and, in turn, a lot more powerful.

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