Take Your Highlighter Game to New Levels with This Viral Hack

You can buy the magic product in SA!

When people ask me where they should go for some serious beauty inspo, I always say Instagram. Here, you can keep up to date with trends and find out about new ones, as well as get some amazing tips and tricks to make your makeup game even stronger.

Highlighter is huge at the moment – the brighter the better – and one Australian user, 17-year-old Arielle Stenner, is blinding her followers (in a good way) with her intense highlighter wattage.

I mean…

what came first the chicken or the egg? 🤔

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Have you ever seen a glow this gorge?

Naturally, the Instagram beauty community wanted to know how she manage to get her highlighter so bright. Was it the products she was using (we’ll take them ALL, thanks)? Or was it something she applied to her face afterwards? Maybe just a really specific filter?

After her followers repeatedly nagged her for the secret behind her poppin’ highlighter, she finally revealed her hack. And it is G-E-N-I-U-S!

It’s Bio-Oil, people!

Who would have thought that this humble face and body oil would be able to transform your makeup look into something so other-worldly?

While we love this Proudly South African product and know all to well of its amazing skin-healing properties, we didn’t realise that it was QUITE that multipurpose. We are suitably impressed. And also rushing out to buy some.

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Bio-Oil Body Oil / R105 for 125ml

Everyone might have to start wearing sunglasses whenever they are in your presence, but who cares when you glow is THAT good? 😎

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