Sweat Might Be Bad for Your Social Life, But It's Good for Your Skin


A lot of women like to say that ‘they don’t sweat, they glow.’ You might be one of them.


I hate to break it to you, but we ALL sweat. Sometimes as much as one and a half litres of the salty stuff a day (maybe more if you spend a summer’s day roasting under the African sun). And while we tend to associate this normal bodily function with rank bodily odours, it’s not all bad. In fact, sweat can actually have some serious benefits for your skin and general wellbeing.

Get Wet

Most people slather or spray on the antiperspirant daily to prevent their pits from kicking up a stink. Unfortunately for them, there are no equivalents for the rest of the body.


But this is probably a good thing, because perspiration actually contains antimicrobial peptides, which are a natural alternative to antibiotics. The one that is specific to sweat is called dermcidin and is pumped into the skin through the sweat glands, and coats your skin in a layer of its moist goodness. This then protects you from potentially-harmful germs and bacteria, so that you, and your skin, are a picture of health.

There is a downside, though. If you leave your post-workout sweat on your skin for TOO long, the salt and urea in it can result in it becoming dry or irritated. So while you should wash it off either with a facial wipe or a cleanser, you should do so gently and only using mild products so that you don’t strip all of that dermcidin off and wash it down the drain.

So next time you are feeling a bit hot and bothered, and your skin is looking shinier than usual, know that your sweat glands are actually doing you a favour.

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