SA Model Summer Thompson Stars in the Latest KKW Beauty Campaign

Fly the flag, gurl! 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

Even if you don’t know her name, you definitely know her face. Summer Thompson has been in the modelling game for some years now, and we are proud to say that this beauty is 100% homegrown.

Not only is she gorgeous AF but she’s also super versatile, and is signed up to agencies all around the globe. She’s starred in some huge campaigns already in her young life, such as one for global fashion retailer H&M last year. But if her most recent work is anything to go by, we might be seeing a whole lot more of her in the beauty world. And I mean…she’s got the face for it!

Summer Lovin’

Locally-made model (who is currently living it up in the US of A) Summer Thompson is fast becoming the new face of beauty. This might seem like a broad statement but bear with us.

Earlier this year, she was cast in the popular international beauty brand Anastasia Beverly Hills‘ campaign for their Dipbrow range. And it’s not just because this girl has a great set of brows (which she totes does). Here’s a collection of pics with Summer showing people how to use these eyebrow-perfecting products:

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✨Bold brow how-to✨ * Swipe left to see all images, steps below starting with the first image 1. Before & Final Brow 2. Using the comb on our brush 12, brush brows upwards & prepare for pomade application 3. Draw in your desired brow shape outline first, starting on the bottom of your brows, using Brush 12 with our #Dipbrow Pomade (model is using shade Dark Brown) 4. Take your time carving out the shape 5. Using the comb side of Brush 12 brush the Dipbrow Pomade up into the brow. This application method uses less product.The finished look is softer as the space between the comb bristles mimic our natural hair growth. 6. Dipbrow Gel is the perfect add-on product to a brow filler like Dipbrow Pomade which adheres to skin. Model is using Dark Brown 7. #DipbrowGel adheres & tints brow hair, filling in sparse areas or gaps between the skin and hair creating additional coverage in trouble areas of missing hair/scars or a brow that is naturally sparse 8. All done 🙂 ✨Brow steps created by @alexandralosangeles – from our @abhsalon #anastasiabrows

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If this isn’t evidence enough that her future in the beauty space is bright, her latest work will make you an instant convert. She is currently starring in a KKW Beauty campaign (yes, as in Kim Kardashian‘s cosmetics brand) to showcase their upcoming collection. Below, she’s wearing hot, metallic eyeshadow shades that are part of a soon-to-be-released palette.

This look is sheer fire and, who knows, maybe in future she will be joining fellow South African Carmen Solomons in a future Fenty Beauty campaign. We’ll just be over here keeping our eyes glued to social media and fingers crossed.

Feature image: Gavin O’Neill

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