Get Summer Ready with These Epic Freestyle Braids

Kickstart your summer with this mesmerizing hairstyle

Allow us to introduce you to this avant-garde freestyle braided hairdo as your next vacay hairstyle. Not only are braided hairstyles easy to maintain but they’re so chic to wear in the summertime.

Watch the video below to learn how you can this copy stylish hairstyle yourself:

How-To: Get This Epic Summer Freestyle Braids Hairstyle

1 Divide the bottom half of your hair into two sections. Then plait it with fibre to create two long braids at the back of your head. Finally, seal the ends of your braids by lightly burning and smoothing them out with your fingers.

2 Add adornments to the end of the braids, like the shell accessories we made use of in the video above.

3 Next, divide the top section of your hair into two parts then plait your hair into two jumbo box braids. Finish off by taking the two braids and looping them into chic buns, then use bobby pins to secure and keep them in place.

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