5 Skincare Mistakes You Didn't Know You Were Making

Stop it! Right now!

You might think you know all there is to know about achieving the perfect, healthy glow. Sure, your collection might be filled with all the latest in innovative beauty buys, and you might follow plenty of skincare gurus on the ‘Gram but, as they say, no one – or no beauty routine – is perfect.

Unless you are a dermatologist. But you probably aren’t a dermatologist, and you could be making some skincare mistakes which could be compromising your complexion. Yikes! Here are five to stop doing immediately.

1 Not Cleansing Thoroughly

The reason that double cleansing is gaining in popularity is that it’s really important to make sure that you have removed every trace of makeup and grime from your face. Applying all sorts of bougie serums isn’t going to help if your canvas isn’t as blank as it should be. If you wipe your ‘clean’ face on a towel and any makeup transfers on to it, your face ain’t clean. Do better.

2 Exfoliating Too Much

Our skin might be tough when it comes to protecting our organs, but it is still delicate and needs to be handled with care. And while exfoliating is an important skincare step, you might be doing it too often, which can leave your skin barrier compromised and your skin feeling sensitive. Limit your exfoliation to twice a week and avoid harsh scrubs to keep your skin smooth and healthy.


3 Disregarding Your Décolletage

You might be doing everything right when it comes to the skincare regimen you apply to your face. But your neck and décolletage area might just be feeling a tad left out. These areas can give away your age as you get older if you don’t take care of them as the skin is very thin and often exposed, making it susceptible to sun damage. Just something to think about.

4 Making Masking Mistakes

Masking is a great way to give your skin an added treatment boost, but you might be using them wrong. Sorry. When it comes to the clay variety, take caution not to use them too often, and when you do, do so in place of an exfoliating sesh. With sheet masks you should leave them on for the recommended 20 – 30 minutes and not let them dry on your face. Unless you like breakouts?


5 Using Too Much Product

Too much of a good thing. This is a very real phenomenon, even if we are referring to your favourite skincare picks. Using too many different products, or even going overboard with one, can lead to all sorts of issues, ranging from milia outbreaks to redness and sensitivity and even poverty (because you are going through your products really quickly). Go slow and easy to guarantee the best results.

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