Makeup Artist Sir John Talks #BeyChella and Makeup Dos and Dont's

He isn’t called a makeup genius for nothing

When Sir John came to SA, we just had to sit down with him and talk beauty, trends, inspiration and, of course, Beyoncé.

On The Iconic #BeyChella Makeup:

We all saw how flawless Beyoncé looked on stage during her two-hour Coachella performance – she didn’t break a sweat! But Sir John spills the beans: ‘She has help – a song is about three minutes, so every 10 minutes I’m touching her up.’

He goes on to reveal when he got the aha moment for creating her makeup looks. ‘I went to the Coachella dress rehearsals four times. Watching the band perform and seeing all of these Balmain jerseys, I looked back and thought I want to come in and add something really cool to this and not take her out of the element – because this is so magical, this is such a moment. I didn’t want to make her too girly or dolled-up, I just want her to be impeccable,’ he said.

‘The makeup was definitely inspired by Historically Black Culture [HBC],’ he continues. ‘If you look at the whole thing, she’s a college girl. Now what would the coolest girl on campus look like? She will have glittery eyes at night – it’s Coachella, so everyone’s using glitter all over the body. For her body we used a really amazing body spray called All Even London‘.

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On A Game-Changer Skincare Secret:

Just like you wouldn’t leave the house without pants on (unless you’re Kendall Jenner), the same rule should apply when it comes to moisturising. Sir John told us about his skincare game-changer secret that goes hand in hand with makeup. ‘A gel-cream would be perfect,’ he says. ‘Well, a gel-cream for dry skin. For someone who has oily skin, I would suggest a mattifying moisturiser. It feels like a powder after it dries. Also put your foundation on while your skin is damp, under your moisturiser – it’s a game-changer. When your moisturiser dries, the foundation dries. It’s like a second skin.’

On The Versatility of Makeup:

Many of us, myself included, tend to shy away from pairing bold eyes with bold lips, but Sir John says all great makeup looks are created using colour. ‘During winter, play around with the combination of bold eyes and bold lips. You can have purple lips with navy eye shadow, for example – it will be balanced,’ he says.

On How He Stays Inspired:

‘I find inspiration by going to a museum, learning about art and looking at paintings. Go by yourself so you have no distractions. When you leave, you’ll have a better understanding of what colour can do, which colours you can mix together. You’ll think out of the box.’

On A Makeup No-No:

‘Don’t shine up the tip of your nose,’ he says. ‘Light and shadowing is everything. Your forehead, sides of your nose and chin should always be matte.’

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