Tossing Your Lipstick After a Cold: Yes or No?


Colds. They are the actual worst.


Sometimes, in an attempt to make ourselves at least LOOK better than we feel, we resort to makeup-  lipstick being the product of choice (because at least it won’t wipe off every time you have to blow your nose). And what’s the harm, right? A lot, apparently.

Health pros are now saying that we should toss our lipstick after we’ve been sick.

Sorry, the Answer is Yes

Apparently the way that lipstick tubes are designed make them a breeding ground for nasty bacteria.

This is precisely why we are advised against using testers at the mall. Our mouths are a gateway to our respiratory tract, and an exit for germs, so using lipstick after you’ve recovered is a recipe for getting sick. Again.

So that Ruby Woo you were rocking the day before you were stricken? Better say your goodbyes. Or should you?

This view is only one side of the coin, and other experts have weighed in with a different take on the matter. Technically once you have been infected your body builds up immunity to that particular virus, meaning that we can’t really reinfect ourselves. This doesn’t mean that it can’t happen though.

Here’s how to avoid tossing it in the first place

While it is advised that you chuck any lippie and lip glosses worn during your illness, most of us don’t want to see our fav products meet an untimely end in our dustbin.

Instead, if you feel that all-to-familiar sniffle and throat itch, either ditch your regular makeup and opt for cheapies you don’t mind tossing afterwards, or use an applicator brush that you can clean between uses.

You’re welcome!

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