Serena Williams and her daughter posted a skincare tutorial on the ‘Gram

And it’s definitely the cutest thing you’ll see today!

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Serena Williams has skin as flawless as her two-handed backhand when she is kicking butt on the tennis court. And while she has previously divulged the details of her nighttime routine, two days ago she posted a (brief) video of her day-time regimen. It featured her toddler daughter, Olympia, and you had better believe that she stole the whole damn show.

Skincare with Serena Williams

Serena Williams has a lot on her plate. But between grand slams, attending royal engagements, launching her own clothing line and being a mother, she still manages to find time to tend to her skin. A couple of days ago she posted a video to Instagram to share her day time routine, but the star of the ‘show’ was her two-year-old daughter, Olympia, who babbled sweetly pretty much throughout the entire clip. In the vid, Serena says ‘so usually I do my night routine; I never do my day routine or my morning routine. So I wanted to show you my morning routine and Olympia wants to show you too.’

Yes, concentrating on what Serena is saying might be *a tad* difficult, but it is 100% worth it.

See what I mean?

Serena also doesn’t get very far but mentions her favourite (read expensive) eye patches to soothe, hydrate and plump her under-eye area. We’re assuming there’s more to it than that, but it’s a start!

Last year she did a video for Harper’s BAZAAR where she went more in-depth on her nighttime skincare routine, where she also shared her love for eye patches as well as the iconic Mario Badescu Facial Mist.

Serena and Olympia – we are ready for step two! Get filming, already!

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