See Ya, Scrunchies! Barrette Stacking is New Biggest Trend In Hair Accessories

When it comes to hair accessories, apparently more is more!

The last year has seen a massive resurgence of hair trends from our childhoods. First, it was the scrunchie, which was initially met with some trepidation but has now firmly planted itself back on the heads of cool kids everywhere. Next, it was the ribbon, which brought a bit of 90s pizazz to the humble ponytail. But what’s next, you ask? School-girl clips worn in multiples, known as barrette stacking, is back and this trend is functional as well as decorative.

Stack ‘Em Up

Going heavy on the accessories is nothing new. Necklace layering and ring stacking have been around for some time, but now this level of accessorising is moving on up…to our heads. While clips may have been designed to keep hair in place and out of your face, this trend is all about decoration and using more than just one or two barrettes to create this en vogue look. It has been a hit among influencers and beauty editors, which means that it’s high time we all started following suit.

Worried that replicating this look might make your head look a bit crowded? Don’t be; here are some examples of how to wear the trend, and they look nothing short of drool-worthy:

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The beauty of barrette stacking lies not just in how AMAZE it looks but also how versatile it is. This trend can be incorporated into any up-do or loose hairstyle and suits pretty much all hair types. And, as is evident from the images popping up all over the ‘Gram, you can literally cover your head in clips and look like a fashionista. The popular phrase ‘go big or go home’ comes to mind.

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