Sbahle Mpisane Has Some Fresh Ink (and It's Got a Special Meaning)

So special!

Anyone who follows the lives of SA’s top influencers will know that fitness guru Sbahle Mpisane was in a car accident last year. It was so bad, in fact, that she almost lost her life, and sustained a head injury which left her in a coma for three weeks. Fortunately, this former COSMO cover star pulled through, and she isn’t taking life for granted anymore. And she has got some fresh ink to prove it.

Sbahle Gets Inked

The horror crash that almost cost local influencer Sbahle Mpisane her life is something that has also transformed it. Only a few weeks back she took her first unassisted steps since that awful day where 80% of the bones in her body were broken. While the journey to recovery is still ongoing, she is still out and about and living her best life. And, according to an Instagram vid she posted four days ago, is also getting her best ink.

In the post, she wrote a caption where she explained just what this new tattoo meant to her and what it represented. The short version? Basically, she feels blessed and ready to conquer anything that life throws at her. Because you don’t cheat death and not want to lead an extraordinary life.

The tattoo – or rather tattoos – are of a heart with heart waves, and the second part of it just underneath is old Hebrew text. Here it is in all its glory:

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“BLESSED…” . . I am in the flow! I am connected! I claim it. I believe it. I accept it. I am ready for some sort of breakthrough because I feel blessed and i know it will attract blessings for me. I am ready to receive my blessings. My power is believing what I can envision in my mind right now, not what I’m experiencing or physically seeing. Everything that will happen for me, will be pushed by my daily single thoughts. The more I’ve believed in my thoughts, the more I’ve felt them. The more I’ve felt it, the more I’ve manifested it into my reality. My faith is in greater power than what’s in front of me. This is the power that guides me through my fragile state and helps me to truly see my greatness. I grow stronger everyday because I trust in the power that sustains me. I almost died 9120hrs ago but this power of life hasn’t had a single error, so I further trust it. The fear, negativity and lower vibrational energy will never steal my shine. I’ve shifted my mind from lack and limitations to absolute possibilities because everything I need is a energy shift away. With enough faith, everything is possible for you! So I’m happy for my beautiful gift called imagination because it has created form for me. I’m grateful for being mentally helped by my guardian angel to see beyond my current circumstance. I visualize in detail the experiences I want to have instead of falling trap of the experiences which have happened. WHATS IN FRONT OF ME ISNT SOLID! It’s already happened. This situation would have broken me but with luck I’m maintaining it strongly. But what I want to experience next is waiting for me to find a deep connection with it. I haven’t forgotten my power so I won’t settle out of fear because THIS ISNT IT FOR ME!!! Being a victim of circumstances is giving up your creative mind power! KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. VISUALIZE IT. FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOURSELF. BECOME WHAT YOU VISUALIZE. Honestly you are not a victim or the negative beliefs you visualize yourself to be. Every day is a new day for me! I AM BLESSED… #Hebrew #Barukh #NewTattoo #DidItThisWeekend

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Now every time she looks down at her wrist, she can be reminded of her strength and endurance, and that she doesn’t have to be a victim of the circumstances she has had to confront. She might be just 25 years old, but she has been through a lot, and this is a pretty (and permanent) way to commemorate it. Onward and upward, gurl!

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