Satiskin Shower Gels Are the Morning Wakeup We Need

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Our mornings are getting cold AF! It’s not so easy to get out of bed in a good mood when it’s still dark outside. We all need something (besides caffeine) to help us face the day. That’s why we love Satiskin’s range of shower gels. They smell divine and leave your skin nourished – just the thing you want for a morning pick-me-up. Satiskin is a much loved South African brand and we gotta support our local brands. It is affordable, pH balanced, and should be the first thing you reach for in the morning. Give your morning shower routine a boost! Stop hitting the snooze button and get into the shower already.

Six Fab Satiskin Shower Gels

Satiskin has a big range of bath and body products but we really love their shower gels. Next time you’re in the pharmacy or doing a toiletry run, take a few moments to smell them all. It’ll be hard to choose your fave, so we suggest getting them all. Pick the one that suits your mood, I mean, you deserve it, babe. Here are COSMO’s top picks from the Satiskin range.

1. Ocean Energy

Um, what is better than showering with the smell of the ocean surrounding you? This clean, fresh and addictive shower gel is packed with Vitamin A and E. The glycerine helps to maintain your skin’s natural barrier. Tip: a little goes a long way, before applying any shower gel, make sure your skin is wet, wet, wet! Then lather up!


2. Nature’s Balance

Okay, some of us like to wake up a little slowly and calmly – who are you? Well, Satiskin has the best shower gel for you. Nature’s Balance shower gel is soft, gentle and smells like you’ve woken up in a glamping tree-house somewhere in Knysna. The pH balance keeps your skin from drying out.

3. Blissful Berry

Fruity, sweet and uplifting – Blissful Berry couldn’t have any other name. It really is blissful! It’s not an OTT smell, it’s fresh and heavenly. This is perfect for those mornings where you need extra care after a big night out. It’s the perfect pamper time when you’ve only got 5 minutes.


4. Cocoa Butter Creme

This shower gel is more creme than gel. The high cocoa butter content means that even though your body will be squeaky clean, it’s making sure your skin is nourished and restored. There’s nothing more luxurious than cocoa butter. The natural oil is the perfect thing for pre-winter skin. If you don’t have time to moisturise after your shower (we’ve all been there) – don’t panic – this product will tie you over until your next soak.

5. Exotic Orchid

There is nothing like feeling luxurious and this shower crème will give you just that emotion when you bask in the feminine and delicious smells which lingers on your skin long after your shower or bath. The crème-like consistency will have your skin feeling satin soft this winter. Lather away and make it a pampering session.

6. Tropical Escape

As the name itself suggests – it’s time to pack up your swim suits, put on your straw hat and draw a cheerful smile on your face. Your destination is where you’re going to drink cocktails on a beach swing whilst soft warm sand tickles your toes. Be transported to a beautiful tropical paradise this winter with a mixture of fruity mango and pineapple notes with this shower crème wash.


To find out more about Satiskin, visit Amka.co.za/project/satiskin.

* This post was sponsored by Satiskin

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