Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is Launching a Beauty Brand

Now we can ALL look like supermodels!

Yesterday the famous (and famously beautiful) Rosie Huntington-Whiteley – who is widely known for making underwear look amazing as she struts down the Victoria’s Secret runway, her roles in Mad Max and the latest Transformers flick – made an announcement on Instagram: that she is going to be launching a beauty brand!

What we know

While she already has a makeup line that is sold at Marks & Spencer overseas, it seems as though she is going solo and launching a line by herself. The name of the upcoming brand is called Rose Inc.. She posted teaser pics all over social media as well as links to the website. While there are currently no products available for purchase, you can sign up to receive updates so that you can be the first in line when the goodies drop.

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Credit: instagram / @roseinc

The line is named after her (duh) and the images that have been uploaded so far show Rosie sporting some pretty kick-ass brows and makeup shades in soft pinks. Natural but with a bit of a healthy flush and lit-from-within glow.

rosie huntington-whitely, rose, pink, makeup, beauty, brand, new, celeb, celebrity, model

Credit: roseinc.com

While we’re not sure if Rose Inc. is going to be launching on South African shores, now or ever, one thing is for sure: if it can make us look as flawless as her, we want to buy one of everything!

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