RIP to the Urban Decay Naked Palette (But 'Hello' to Their New Edition!)

The end (and beginning) of an era

For many makeup junkies, their love affair with beauty started when they were introduced to the original Urban Decay Naked Palette. It was a collection of 12 gorgeous neutral (and not-so-neutral) shades in a combination of shimmer and matte finishes to help you achieve the perfect look. It was versatile and of high quality, and seemed to have its whole life ahead of it… But it was sadly laid to rest at the end of last year at the tender age of eight, having sold over 30 million units and making around R14 billion in sales during its lifetime. It was a sad day for all.

Out With The Old…

When it was announced that the Urban Decay Naked Palette would be discontinued, people naturally had a lot of feelings. Nicole Richie hosted a eulogy to commemorate it’s reign and other beauty aficionados took to social media to share their message of love and loss.

It was a sad day for the beauty world, and we know that this popular palette will remain in our collective hearts and memories for a long time.

… And In With The New

Not one to disappoint their fans, Urban Decay had some news that would be a silver lining in these sad times. Last month the announced their new palette – the Naked Reloaded Palette – and it is helping people to move forward. They claim that our makeup needs have evolved and that it was time for something new. And, of course, it has been a hit.

It also boasts 12 shades with various finishes but has an overall warmer feel. And the people are LOVING it. Hopefully spending all your money on this will soften the blow at losing every makeup lover’s BFF.

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