Want to Smell Like Rihanna? Her Signature Scent is Available in SA

But it’ll cost you ???


Perfume is great and not just because it can hide whether or not you showered this morning, but it can also make a statement about who you are. Singer, beauty mogul and full-time goddess Rihanna recently revealed her signature scent and local fans can rejoice because it’s available in South Africa!

Smell Like a Star

Rihanna might have a number of perfumes that she has created under her belt, but she clearly isn’t a loyalist to her own merch, as her signature scent is Love, Don’t Be Shy by the perfume house Kilian Paris. The fragrance is like a whiff of expensive, sexy marshmallow and it contains notes of sugar, caramel, musk and vanilla at its base with fresher, more floral notes up top. In other words, she wasn’t born smelling that good (maybe she IS like us mere mortals after all?).

Here is a video of Bad Gal RiRi not in any way denying that this is the fragrance she’s wearing:

And when you are as rich as she is, you wouldn’t waste your olfactory receptors on something that wasn’t top-notch, amiright?

The good news is that local Rihanna fans can now smell just like her. The bad news? You might need to start saving. A travel set of this fragrance costs over R2k, with a 250ml mini-carafe coming in at a not-so-cool R8k. Our bank accounts just heaved a collective sigh. Or was that me?

So if you aspire to smell ‘as tender as orange blossom, as luscious as a marshmallow,’ or like a ‘sexy treat for grown-ups,’ or just like Rihanna, there’s a scent for that – as long as you have the bank balance to match.


Kilian Love, Don't Be Shy

R8155Skins Cosmetics

This fragrance – which has been around since 2007 – is a sweet Oriental scent which happens to be Rihanna’s fave


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