Rihanna’s latest Fenty Beauty tutorial is making fans LOL

It IS pretty funny!

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Do you laugh at your own jokes, or at least the funny things that sometimes come out of your mouth? I do. And apparently Rihanna does too because her latest Fenty Beauty tutorial has her cracking up while trying to apply her makeup. She and I were *obviously* separated at birth!

Fun with Fenty

The latest Fenty Beauty product launch came in the form of a mascara (that was apparently two years in the making. Because only the best will do for RiRi!). The #FULLFRONTAL Mascara has an innovative brush, with a fat side to provide lift and a flat side to curl and define lashes. In other words, it’s the whole damn package.

In one of her popular Tutorial Tuesday videos, Rihanna wanted to show fans exactly how to use this product, but she spent a large chunk of it laughing. At herself. I don’t think I have ever related more.

She talks about how the mascara can make lashes ‘fat’, ‘thick’ and ‘long’ and then, realising that it sounds like she might be talking about *something else* (like a penis?) she bursts out laughing. Yes, fam, she is just like us!

Here’s the clip, for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome!

One of the most insane things about it is that despite cracking up (more than once), she doesn’t get any mascara smears on her face. I get them even when I am hyper-focused. She really is on another level, in life and in makeup. We are not worthy.

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