Rihanna has created a Fenty Beauty house for TikTok users

When can we move in?

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Rihanna really is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only has she blessed us with some of the most toe-tapping tunes of the 21st century as well as one of the world’s first inclusive lines of makeup, Fenty Beauty. It’s safe to say that the world would be a bleaker place without her.


And now Queen RiRi is at it again, because she bought an actual house for TikTok content creators to live in. Um, generous, much?

The house of Fenty

Over the last few months, TikTok houses – or places where people can collaborate at any time – have become increasingly popular. Now Rihanna has jumped on the bandwagon because she has created a Fenty Beauty house for influencers to co-habit and co-create in.

But who is going to be staying there? The first batch of occupants are some of her personal favourite beauty influencers, and the bougie-AF house is kitted out with an entire makeup pantry of Fenty Beauty products to get them feeling inspired.

Here’s a lil look inside. Try not to get jealous!

@fentybeautyY’all ain’t ready! Announcing the ##FENTYBEAUTYHOUSE featuring @emmycombss @makayladid @savpalacio @challxn @thedawndishsoap ‼️♬ TOES – DaBaby

What fun shenanigans will the housemates be getting up to? We’ll be subscribing to the Fenty Beauty TikTok page so that we get each and every update.

BRB, just packing my bags.

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