Ride-or-Die Beauty Products Based on Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

Which one is your perfect match?

Remember the Myers-Briggs personality tests? Many of us did them at school to get to know and understand ourselves a bit better. The MBTI is a psychological test that is meant to divide the entire human population up into 16 distinct types of people. While the jury is still out on just how accurate, or helpful, this is, it is nevertheless fun to gain a bit of insight into where your strengths and weaknesses lie (*just in case* you don’t already know).

Each personality type is made up of a combination of four letters that represent a particular quality:

E = Extraversion
I = Introversion
S = Sensing
N = Intuition
T = Thinking
F = Feeling
J = Judging
P = Perceiving

And here is the personality type each four-letter combination represents:

Not sure which of the 16 you are? Do the test here to find out. And once you’ve done that, we’ll reveal which beauty spoil you should add to your shopping list. You’re welcome!

ESTJ: you’re outgoing, independent and know exactly what you want

You also know what you don’t want, and that’s wrinkles. This will help you to stop them in their tracks.

ISTJ: you’re responsible and practical with a tendency to be reserved

You like tried-and-trusted beauty products that you know will yield the same great results every time.

ESFJ: you’re friendly and outgoing with a real passion for people

Take some time out for yourself for a change with this cosy mask that warms up on application.

ISFJ: you’re responsible, fair and warm, showing compassion for others

You are a peace-maker and what is more peaceful and calming than a daily massage? Self-care – it’s important, fam.

ESTP: you’re outgoing and spontaneous and love to be where the action is

You need a fragrance as bold and in-your-face as you are. This one will make sure you are the centre of attention.

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YSL Black Opium EDP / R1 450 for 50ml

ISTP: you’re logical but nevertheless spontaneous and fiercely independent

In fact, you’re so independent you don’t need a dermatologist, you can do your own facial at home, thanks.

ESFP: you’re friendly and enthusiastic and care about others’ feelings

Your personality shines bright like a diamond, so it’s only fitting that the make-up you wear does too.

ISFP: you’re nurturing with a knack for helping others, but super sensitive

You are often overwhelmed by feelings which means that tears are inevitable from time to time. Be prepared.

ENTJ: you’re ambitious and will use your strategic brain to get to the top

Take a chill pill every once in a while. Or, better yet, take a time out and slap on a relaxing eye mask.

INTJ: you’re a perfectionist and an independent spirit with a mind of your own

Be perfectly on trend while still standing out from the crowd by rocking a bold shade of lipstick. And own it.

ENFJ: you’re a natural leader but still have the ability to be caring and diplomatic

Nothing says boss lady who is also fair, just and understanding quite like classic red nails.

INFJ: you’re very insightful but are still nevertheless idealistic in your views

You are whimsical in your approach to beauty but smart enough not to want to harm the planet. Good thinking.

ENTP: you’re a creative spirit who is resourceful and will take on any challenge

You won’t let anything stand in your way, including chapped lips. That’s why you need this nourishing lip balm.

INTP: you’re a natural problem solver who is strategic and has a vivid imagination

Solve the problem of uneven skin tone by using a handy concealer palette. Smooth, gorgeous skin will be yours.

ENFP: you’re confident and creative with the drive to help you reach your goals

You don’t have time to waste on your journey to the top, so micellar water can cleanse and moisturise at the same time.

INFP: you’re sensitive and intuitive with the ability to make others feel comfortable

Make sure that your touch is as soft as your heart by using a good-quality hand cream, often and liberally.

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