Apparently, Rice Is as Good for Your Hair as It Is to Eat

A beauty hack you can sink your teeth into 🍚🍚🍚

Ask just about anyone what they would like their hair to be like, and most people will say full, voluminous and shiny. In other words, hair that is so healthy and nourished on the inside that it shows on the outside. There are loads of haircare products available on the market that claim to make hair appear thicker but these don’t really address the problem. Instead they coat your hair in thickening agents that can weigh your locks down and make them look worse. Not a vibe.

But there is a tried-and-tested method to make your hair fuller and healthier from root to tip, and the main product is probably in your kitchen cupboard as we speak. Rice – the world’s number one side dish is apparently also a hair booster of note. Intrigued? We thought you might be.


Go With the Grain

When we say that people use rice to improve their hair, we don’t mean that they rub the grains on to their scalp, say a prayer and hope for the best. In fact, it isn’t even the grains themselves but rather the water that you have cooked your rice in that is the holy grail of haircare. This is because of the starch that is left behind in the water after the cooking process, as well as a host of minerals, vitamins and cell-growth molecules. In other words, next time your mike some rice to accompany that curry, don’t strain the rice water down the drain, but rather bottle it to use on your hair.

And how exactly do you do that?

After shampooing and rinsing, pour the rice water over your head so that all your hair is covered in it. Then leave it on for five to twenty minutes, massaging it into your scalp, before rinsing it down the plug. If you do this at least once a week and you should start noticing improvements in your hair’s texture, shine and volume.

Who knew that the secret to long, luscious hair was lurking in our pantries all this time? We didn’t, but we do now, and now we’ll be making a side of rice with every meal.

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