Priyanka Chopra's Hair Is Now Blonde With Highlights

It’s 2019, she’s done with her honeymoon, and shit just got cray.

If you haven’t been obsessively following Priyanka Chopra like the Cosmo team has for the last, uh, year, let me fill you in: Priyanka got married to Nick Jonas in early December, disappeared off the grid for their Caribbean honeymoon for a few weeks, and just re-emerged on social media with bleach-blonde hair — or, more accurately, bleach-blonde highlights and tips.

Priyanka posted a photo of her new hair on Instagram early today for the viral #10yearchallenge movement. But instead of a throwback pic, the actress uploaded a new photo of herself with a heartfelt caption reflecting on her life and career over the last decade.

‘So much has changed! Not just my hair or my clothes (or my husband!), but in how I see the world. How I understand myself,’ reads part of the caption.

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With this #10yearchallenge taking over the internet, it's got me thinking about the past ten years of my life, like probably all of you. So much has changed! Not just my hair or my clothes (or my husband!), but in how I see the world. How I understand myself. In these 10 years, with everything I’ve done, I realized that it’s my curiosity in others that has led me to grow into who I am today. So I decided to feed my curiosity by starting a journey where I will meet some extraordinary people. I am a lifelong learner and I am always seeking inspiration. Help me navigate my way through this journey as I ask my peers, role models, and friends — #JustOneThing. Watch my stories today☝️ to be a part of my new @youtube Originals Special, “If I Could Tell You Just One Thing."

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Of course, it isn’t exactly revolutionary that Priyanka — or any sentient human being — underwent a hair change. But having watched Priyanka in all of her pre- and post-wedding happiness (at least, based on the zillions of photos and videos on her Insta stories) as a brunette for so many months, I can’t say that I’m not a little invested in her hair.

And honestly? It’s kind of making me want to go blonde, too. BRB — gotta find out which colourist worked their magic on Priyanka so I can ask them to transform my hair too.

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