This is How Priyanka Chopra Keeps Her Lips Plump and Smooth

All the better to kiss a JoBro with!

There’s no denying it – Priyanka Chopra is a legitimate goddess. Not only does she have a ton of entertainment-industry accolades under her belt, but she recently tied the knot with Nick Jonas which means that all eyes are on her all the time. Talk about pressure! Fortunately for her, she was born with ridiculously good genes, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have some beauty hacks up her sleeve. One of our faves is how she keeps her lips luscious, and it’s both easy and effective.

Pout Like Priyanka

Priyanka Chopra has a pout that is the envy of women everywhere. Sure, she may have had some minor *ahem* enhancements to them, but she also has a DIY beauty hack to make sure they pop for all the right reasons. And it’s *so easy* and cost-effective that anyone – yes, even you! – can incorporate it into your daily routine.

So what do you need? Just three simple ingredients:

  • Salt (the less-refined, slightly coarse salt is a good pick)
  • Glycerine
  • Rosewater (and not just because it smells good, but because of its skin-balancing properties as well)

Mix a pinch of the salt with a few drops of glycerine and a touch of rose water to create a scrub that will remove traces of makeup and any flaky skin. The result? Smooth, plump, red-carpet-worthy lips that would totally bag you a Jonas brother (if there were any single ones left – damn!) Priyanka also suggests adding a few drops of lemon juice if you want to brighten your natural colour. Use this exfoliator once a day to maintain the feel and appearance of your smackers, and get ready for the easiest lipstick application of your life.

Want lips like Priyanka’s?

Here are the three products you’ll need:

1. Oryx Desert Salt

This salt is sustainably harvested in pristine conditions and is free of contaminants and rich in trace minerals

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2. Dolly Varden Glycerine

Dolly Varden glycerine has been trusted by South Africans for decades to help nourish and deeply moisturise skin

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3. Good Life Organic Rosewater

Rosewater doesn’t just add a unique flavour to food and drink, but can be a great addition to your beauty routine as well

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