Plastic Surgery Tourism Is a Thing but It Could Be Dangerous – Here's Why...

Don’t get botched up abroad.

Nip-and-tuck procedures are becoming increasingly popular. There’s now a huge variety of innovative ways that doctors are able to transform bodies – from making people look younger to removing excess skin and flab or even improving ‘ass’ets. While the demand for cosmetic surgery is huge so are the price tags associated with it. Consequently, this has now led to plastic surgery tourism – yes, that’s actually a thing.

Destination Beautiful

So where exactly are people going to get themselves overhauled? People living in the UK and Europe tend to stay close-ish to home, with Poland, Spain, the Czech Republic and Turkey being the most favoured destinations. Further afield, Brazil, Thailand, India and South Korea get a lot of medical tourists as well. Some people choose their country based on what they are famous for: want a bootylicious butt? Then you might want to look at flights to Rio de Janeiro. For facial reconstruction, South Korea – home to doctors who spend all day completely transforming people’s faces, it is a hot spot for any procedure above the neck. South Africa has also seen a boom in plastic surgery tourism in recent years because we are known for having great doctors and a favourable exchange rate.

Because of how popular medical tourism has become, many countries are now even offering packages to people who are going to be visiting to undergo plastic surgery. They include not just the surgery but a stay in a fancy hotel as well. This allows people to soak up the sights, albeit from a hotel bed, and return home sort-of healed and looking like a brand new you. It’s a novel idea, but undergoing plastic surgery is definitely not a holiday.

Risky Business

Any type of surgery, cosmetic or otherwise, comes with risks. This ranges from complications regarding anesthetic to contracting a viral, flesh-eating infection. In fact, one Google search will bring up tons of gory images of botched surgeries that were performed abroad, often in primitive conditions by untrained doctors. There are even reality TV shows where celebrity doctors try to correct the unfortunate results which make for some great, and cautionary, viewing– 0f that’s what you’re into.

The problems with going overseas for a procedure are vast: if you don’t speak the same language as the medical staff you aren’t going to be able to follow the correct aftercare instructions or be able to communicate any concerns you may have pre- and post-op. These issues pale in comparison to others that you might face should you opt to go under the knife abroad. Most people who make the decision to get procedures done overseas are doing it to save money. The irony here is that it can end up costing them a lot more in the long run because, as the old adage goes, you get what you pay for. It also doesn’t help to not have your support structure around you to help you through the recovery process.

As with most things in life, people who are considering going the plastic surgery tourism route need to be prepared. This means doing thorough research on the doctor and hospital you intend to go to and checking

that they comply with international plastic surgery regulations. It’s also advisable that you have a worst-case-scenario plan in place. You need to know what you are going to do if things go wrong, and also take out the necessary insurance before you board a plane.

As the not-that-old saying goes, local is lekker. So, investigate options on home turf before setting your sights abroad. You’ll be a lot calmer and significantly more comfortable for it.

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