Pinterest is Making it Easy to Find a Beauty Look to Suit Your Skin Tone

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Pinterest. Who hasn’t heard of it? Millions of people use it to plan their diets, their (potential) future weddings and even baby showers. It’s basically an enormous vision board that helps people to plan their lives while simultaneously procrastinating. It’s fabulous!


But this seemingly perfect platform is taking it up a notch, as they have added a feature to make looking for makeup and beauty looks even more fun and personalised.

Personalised Pinning

According to Pinterest, billions of beauty pins have been saved by users, and it’s actually one of the most searched-for things on their site. And now they’ve added a game-changing feature that allows you to search for makeup trends and techniques according to your skin tone. Yep! This will then bring up suggestions as to what brands and products are best suited for your individual melanin level. No more ‘sure, that pink looks great on HER skin, but how would it go with mine?’, because you will now be able to see for yourself before splurging on new makeup spoils.

While initially this was limited to the desktop version of Pinterest, it’s now available on the mobile app as well, so you can do some thorough investing while you’re browsing the beauty aisles.

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And the reason behind these recent changes? You guessed it – demand! The Powers That Be at Pinterest HQ claim that 60% of the top 100 searches in the beauty category involved a skin tone, such as ‘lipstick for dark skin‘. This insider info has enabled them to create a more useful platform for people to get inspired and, no doubt, more popularity and revenue for them. Everyone wins!

pinterest, beauty, beauty hacks, makeup


Now you can take the guess work out of makeup looks and purchases – Pinterest’s got you, fam, whatever your shade.

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