Local beauty therapist helps cyberbullied Pick n Pay employee

(and restores our faith in humanity ?)

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The world is completely different now since the advent of the internet. It has the power to unite and bring people together (the #KFCproposal couple is a testament to that). But it can also bring out the worst side of human nature, which has lead to the modern phenomenon known as cyberbullying. This is something that one Pick n Pay employee had the misfortune of experiencing first hand after images of her eyebrows went viral on social media.

Cool to be kind

An employee at the Honey Junction Pick n Pay in Roodepoort was turned into a meme after an image of her eyebrows (which was taken by customers) went viral on social media. People were ridiculing the way that she fills in her brows. Because apparently people have nothing better to do than to make others feel bad about, amongst other things, their makeup skills.

The employee’s image was shared far and wide and eventually caught the attention of a beauty therapist from Fourways, Moipone Mokhali. She is the owner of Mooi’s Beauty Lash & Brow Bar and she tracked down the identity of the PnP staff member so that she could set up an appointment for her to have her eyebrows microbladed at her salon.

‘I usually see posts where people make fun of eyebrows, so I did not like that she was sabotaged like that. The customer took her picture without her knowing. That was bullying,’ Moipone told W24.  ‘I thought to myself, “I’m going to do something about this”. I put up a post on my Facebook, saying I’m looking for this lady who has become a meme. [When I found her], she agreed to set up an appointment.’

The Pick n Pay employee is now rocking a sweet set of permanent brows and some lash extensions, and we hope that her faith in human kindness has been restored. We know ours is.

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