Need mani inspo for 2020? How about some penis-themed nail art?

A whole-lotta-small-dicks energy

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These days, fewer people are opting for at-home manis and more and more of them are going to the salon to get their nails did. And why not? Aside from the long-lasting application, a lot of nail techs can now also create custom artwork for the ends of your fingers. You know, just so you get a bit of joy when you look down at your hard-working hands. But one nail artists based in the USA have started creating penis-themed nail art, and they are causing *quite the stir* on the ‘Gram.

Dicks on your digits

Nail artist Donne Geer – who makes up half of the duo Hey, Nice Nails! – hasn’t been putting dicks on customers willy-nilly (see what I did there?). No, this is one particular client, social worker Heather Hampton, who says that these fun manicures help the people she is working with – from those suffering from HIV to people who are homeless – to be able to laugh, despite their circumstances. And one scroll through her feed and it’s easy to see why: She’s sported everything from hot-dog penises to cacti-shaped dicks on the ends of her fingers. How could you NOT giggle when catching a glimpse of these expertly-executed designs?

Their penis-themed nail art project was started two years ago, but even before that Heather was getting sex-positive manis on the regular. Sure, she probably gets plenty of judgemental stares, but they provide some much-needed comic relief for her suffering clients, and that’s really all that counts.

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