Ocean-Inspired Beauty Products: You'll Really 'Sea' the Difference!


By now we know what an important role nature can play in our beauty routines. Plant extracts are widely used in skin and haircare products because they contains properties that can make us look and feel our best. The same goes for our oceans. They are home to salts, plant life and minerals that can have major beauty benefits. Even Kim Kardashian swears by seaweed, which is rich in B vitamins, for relieving her psoriasis flare-ups. And if it’s good enough for Kim, it’s good enough for us! Here are our top oceanic picks that will get you glowing. We’ll dive right in…

Freeman Dead Sea Minerals Foaming Facial Cleanser

We love sea foam, especially when it’s on our face. This cleanser turns into a light mousse when massaged into your skin with water. It’s suitable for all skin types, gives you a deep clean without drying your skin, and restores moisture and balance.

Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral Day Cream

Salt from the Dead Sea contains over 20 essential minerals, which makes it a fabulous skincare ingredient. This super-absorbent day cream is full of them. It’s light but still manages to keep skin feeling fresh and hydrated for hours.

The Body Shop Seaweed Oil-Control Overnight Gel

Got problem skin? Seaweed can help with that, too. This great gel gets to work while you are sleeping by combating grease so that you wake up shine-free. A must-have for anyone who regularly wakes up to find sneaky pimples have sprouted overnight.

Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea  Salt & Seaweed Fabric Facial Mask

Sheet masks are one of the beauty trends that the world (and by that, we mean the beauty junkies of Instagram) can’t get enough of. This mask contains seaweed, red algae and Dead Sea salt. Put the mask on, relax, take it off and marvel at your amazing skin. Simple.

Lush Birth of Venus Jelly Face Mask

The good people at Lush recently launched a line of jelly masks, and the Birth of Venus is a standout from the collection. With ingredients such as fresh sea water, which cools and tones the skin, and carrageenan seaweed gel, which softens it, you’ll feel just as amazing as you look after rinsing it off.

The Seaweed Bath Co Whole Seaweed Detox Bath

Don’t live near the beach? Then you can bring the beach to you. To your bathroom, to be exact. This bath soak contains over 65 beneficial skincare vitamins and minerals, which detoxes the skin and also acts as an anti-inflammatory. Now you can relax in nature without even leaving your house!

OGX Quenched Sea Mineral Moisture Surge Deep Treatment

Is your hair dry, damaged and in dire need of some TLC? It might just need a moisture surge packed with the ocean’s bounty. The scent of this deep conditioner will make you feel as though you are taking a romantic stroll down the shore, and the results are pretty amazing, too. Soft, manageable hair? Check!

Label M Sea Salt Spray

There’s something about sea salt that just makes hair look fabulous. Tousled perfection at its best and most natural. Now you don’t need to visit the sea to have sexy beach hair. This spray from Label M will help you to create effortless, lived-in waves and give your hair an edgy matte finish.

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