3 Lust-Worthy Spring 2020 Hair Looks We’re Stealing from NYFW

From runway to street style ?✨

TRESemme New York Fashion Week

NYFW has officially wrapped, and I, as Senior Beauty Editor, got to experience it all with TRESemmé *still pinching self*. For over seven decades, TRESemmé’s been a brand that’s remained a vanity desk and beauty bag staple for hair lovers around the globe. This year, they took their influence to new heights – making a positive social impact by spotlighting the incredible women who work both on and off the runway.

TRESemme New York Fashion Week

We can all agree that this is one admirable and necessary brand initiative, especially in today’s social climate where only 21% of fashion and beauty brands are run by women, despite women making up the vast majority of entry, junior and mid-level roles.

From their backstage hairstylists, photographers, designer partners and influencers, #TRESNYFW was an all-woman, female-forward affair and we got to witness the insane magic that takes place when a whole lotta boss ladies come together Avengers-style. As TRESemmé once said, ‘When women lead the way, everyone benefits.’

Scroll down as we breakdown the stand-out NYFW hair looks styled by TRESemmé’s lead stylists and all-round girl bosses, Justine Marjan and Ursula Stephen. Hot girl summer’s around the corner babes, and a new season calls for a new lewk. I’d suggest bookmarking this page for all your future hair inspo needs.


1. The Bold Bubble Pony at CHROMAT

TRESemme New York Fashion Week

This look is for a sporty, fun and confident woman who isn’t afraid to play with her style and express her creative flare.
– Justine Marjan, TRESemmé Global Stylist


STEP ONE Start by gathering a triangular section of hair at the front hairline and spray extra-hold hairspray at roots to create a strong foundation.

STEP TWO Brush the section into a ponytail using a toothbrush.

STEP THREE Tease the roots of the mini ponytail and spray volumising dry shampoo and massage throughout for added volume and brush over it to create a bubble-like shape.

STEP FOUR Clip the section away and create another triangular pony beneath the first and secure with an elastic.

STEP FIVE On the last loop of the elastic while securing, add the above bubble pony and secure with another elastic.

STEP SIX Repeat throughout the length of the hair, and duplicate on the other side for a double bubble pony look, or just keep centered for one larger bubble pony.

STEP SEVEN Use French pins and bobby pins to shape the bubbles throughout.

STEP EIGHT Spray extra-hold hairspray to a toothbrush to smooth flyaways on the sides of the head for hair outside of the bubbles.


TRESemme New York Fashion Week

TRESemme New York Fashion Week

TRESemme New York Fashion Week


2. The ‘Ready to Work’ Bun at Rebecca Minkoff

TRESemme New York Fashion Week

This low bun has a fun twist with a pop-of-colour that matches Rebecca’s collection. It ties back to the office-theme of the presentation and really depicts a confident working woman who has fun on the weekends or at a festival! I love how subdued the colour is, as if it’s faded like she’s holding onto a memory, but the placement is still easily concealed.
– Justine Marjan, TRESemmé Global Stylist


STEP ONE Prep dry hair by spraying extra-hold spray all over.

STEP TWO Use fingers to create a messy, uneven part.

STEP THREE Attach a coloured hair extension just above the ear on one side.

STEP FOUR Use the ghd platinum+ styler to create a bend on random pieces of hair if it’s too straight or without any texture.

STEP FIVE Spray volumising dry shampoo at the roots and massage with fingers to distribute evenly for additional volume and body.

STEP SIX Gather hair with hands at the nape of the neck and twist into a loose bun.

STEP SEVEN Secure with bobby pins leaving ends untucked from the bun for a messy look.

STEP EIGHT Pull out face framing pieces and massage roots with fingers to add some texture and to accentuate the messy look.

STEP NINE Finish by spraying extra-hold hairspray all over to secure the look.


TRESemme New York Fashion Week

TRESemme New York Fashion Week


3. The Finger Wave Dominatrix Braid at Maki Oh

TRESemme New York Fashion Week

TRESemme New York Fashion Week

It’s all about taking a simple look to new heights. This is a modern take on a dominatrix-esque theme with the addition of the face-framing finger waves.

– Ursula Stephen, Unilever Hair Expert


STEP ONE Prep the hair by applying the extra-hold gel all throughout the hair to add shine and create a firm hold.

STEP TWO Separate baby hairs along the crown and nape of the neck.

STEP THREE Create a left side part and pull the hair into a tight, low ponytail.

STEP FOUR Back brush the ponytail and leave a 1-inch piece out.

STEP FIVE Tightly braid the hair, incorporating extensions for additional length.

STEP SIX Wrap the 1-inch piece of hair around the base of the ponytail and secure with a bobby pin.

STEP SEVEN Weave loose pieces of fabric around the ponytail.

STEP EIGHT Using the face-framing pieces and baby hairs on the nape of the neck, create finger waves with a pin tail comb.

STEP NINE Finish by spraying extra-hold spray all over to secure the look.


TRESemme New York Fashion Week

TRESemme New York Fashion Week

TRESemme New York Fashion Week

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