You Can Now Get Sheet Masks For Your Vagina

Because your lady bits need some TLC too

Sheet masks made their way over from South Korea as part of the K-Beauty movement and are now well and truly entrenched in our skincare routines. There are so many different ones – from gel ones to fizzy ones –available that target specific skin concerns, so there really is a mask out there for everyone.

The popularity of this trend has (of course) resulted in weird and wacky versions hitting shelves, like breast masks and tummy masks. Hey, these neglected areas need some skincare lovin’ too!

But no one thought that they would head further south. But yet here we are. Vagina sheet masks are now a thing.

Luxury for Your Lady Parts

#LoveYourVulvaMore is the hashtag being used by TWO L(I)PS, an overseas company who is the first manufacturers of sheet masks designed for vaginas. The company founders have over 20 years of experience treating ailments of the vulva and have decided that it’s high time we treat our nether regions with some luxe skincare spoils. Thus, they created their flagship product, the Blackout Infrared Activated Charcoal Mask, and it is doing surprisingly well.

The mask itself is a pretty black and white lacy number with two flaps that fold around neatly over the vulva. To use, you place it over a cleansed vag and sit back for 15 minutes while it does its thang. Then you can rub the remaining serum into the area so you get all the juicy benefits. People love it not just because of the supposedly-amazing results, but because it contains no harsh ingredients and is cruelty-free. It’s also great to slap on (gently) if you are tender from a rash or infection. It’s really an all-rounder.

This product has yet to reach SA shores, but we are not holding our breath (or clenching our clams) that they will anytime soon. If they do, our curiosity will definitely get the better of us and we will be spilling all the tea.

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