Normani is the latest celeb to join the Blonde Bombshell Brigade

So different! ?

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If there is one thing I have learnt from working in beauty for the last three years it’s this: Celebs love to go blonde. The ones with colour commitment issues, such as Priyanka Chopra and Kylie Jenner, like to dabble with lighter locks by stepping out in wigs (making their fanbases have a collective freakout) while others like to make things permanent by undergoing a total hair makeover (which also makes their fans freak out). And the latest celeb to become a blonde bombshell? Normani. And she looks incredible.

Blonde and bougie

The old saying ‘gentlemen prefer blondes’ needs a feminist update because it’s not the fellas who are obsessed with lighter hair, but the celebrities. It seems like every week another famous face is debuting a new blonde ‘do. Sometimes it’s just a wig, and sometimes it’s a bit more permanent.

Normani is the latest celeb to experiment with lighter locks. Hairstylist to the stars César Ramirez posted a behind-the-scenes pic of the ‘Motivation’ singer on Instagram with icy blonde locks with darker roots. The caption reads: ‘What happens when @normani goes blonde.’

Before y’all get too excited, it should be noted that a) this is just a headpiece from the stylist’s wig brand Wildform, and b) that this was specifically for a photoshoot in the winter issue of V Magazine. This means that you probably won’t be seeing Normani out and about as a blonde bombshell. Unless, of course, this ‘trial run’ went so well that she wants to take the plunge and make a commitment to fair locks forever. She looks so good that we wouldn’t blame her if she did, tbh.

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Feature image: Instagram / @normani

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