Embroidery Tattoos Are the Safe Way to Cover Yourself in Patches

Your skin is about to become tapestry!

Tattoo trends, like their fashion counterparts, come and go with alarming speed. Some of these trends, however, are pretty enough to stand the test of time. We think that we may have stumbled onto one of those – embroidery tattoos.

This new style pays homage to arts and crafts, and the result is a tatt that looks as though it has been sewn onto the skin. If done correctly, you should even see light and shadow reflections on the strands of thread that make up the design. You might even be able to win over your gran because of how wholesome and nostalgic they look. We wouldn’t hold our breath, though.

Here are 10 fab designs that will inspire you to get some ink. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.


Don’t know where to put your new ink? A floral shoulder patch is never not a good idea.


For a nature tatt that is less girly, might we suggest an embroidered tree?


Roses are a classic, regardless of the style. This ‘sewn’ one is ticking all of our boxes.


If you love the art of embroidery a LOT, then why not dedicate your entire back to this craft?


This cute ‘n colourful wolf is a fun woodland take on this popular tattoo trend.


If you would rather keep things literal, then an embroidered patch of a sewing machine should hit the spot.


Love sewing AND emojis? This design is the perfect way to unleash your inner unicorn.


For some serious childhood nostalgia, how about your fave cartoon character etched on your body?


Need a bit of luck to carry with you through life? Putting a clover on your body might help. Or not.


Instead of a patch, you could get a fancy over-the-shoulder embroidered design instead.

So many options, and only a limited amount of skin surface. Choose wisely!

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