There's a New Makeup Brand for Men and the Name Will Make You Cringe

Maybe it’s time for a rebrand?

Makeup for men is nothing new. This is something that has been popular among Korean men, especially those in the public eye, for a while. A few years ago cosmetic giant MAC also launched a line of unisex grooming goodies in collaboration with the Brant Brothers. Even Chanel has released a Boy de Chanel makeup line, which first hit South Korea and then made its way to the rest of the world. Basically, men are becoming far more interested in beauty because they don’t want women to have all the fun. Who can blame them?

One cosmetics line geared at the male species, however, has been getting a lot of attention online. And it’s all because of their ill choice of a name: War Paint. I kid you not.

Male Makeup Brand Under Fire

The UK-based brand War Paint launched in August last year to a no-doubt hesitant reception. They claim that their products cater to the needs of men’s skin, which they claim is very different from their female counterparts. Their line is quite impressive in that it includes everything from concealer to foundation to bronzer and everything in between. This brand’s inception has also led to another new phenomenon – men taking pics of their beauty collections. We can relate.

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Everything, from the formulas to the packaging looks great, but it’s the name that has caused people on social media to express opinions. The issue? Why do products have to sound ‘macho’ in order for men to get behind them? Is this not feeding into the culture of toxic masculinity? Also, making the link between makeup and war is a limited portrayal of manhood, and people are not here for it:

Modern culture – and what constitutes as manhood – is always evolving, but products with names like this could hold us back. So don’t worry, dudes, we won’t judge you if we seeing you eyeing the foundation at Clicks – it’s called progress!

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