Change Up Your Skincare and Haircare Routine With These Eco-friendly Products

Nature-powered goodness!

We have to make many changes every day about what we eat, buy, wear and throw away. Some decisions are easier than others, and it’s not always easy to pick products that are good for you and the environment. When it comes to choosing skincare and haircare products, it makes sense to invest in ones that are good for you and the earth.

We love that Woolworths has made conscious consuming as easy as buying almond milk – in fact, you can buy these eco-friendly products at any Woolies grocery store. We’ve gone through the range and selected our favourite ten products. Shop right here and enjoy!

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1. Restore those Roots

Sulphate Free Shampoo 250 ml for R69.99 – Enriched with argan oil, wheatgrass, kale, carob, and coconut extracts to help moisturise and strengthen hair. The sulphate free formulation is gentle and can be used on damaged hair. Follow up with the super soft Sulphate Free Conditioner.

Sulphate Free Conditioner 250 ml for R69.99

2. Clean Supreme

Is there anything better than scrolling through the ‘Gram while relaxing in the bath? It’s the ultimate me-time pamper session. We are obsessed with the smell and feel of these bath products:

The lemon verbena scented foam bath, containing turmeric and maca root, will leave you feeling relaxed. Use a little and soak your problems away!

Lemon Verbena Foam Bath 500 ml R59.99

You can also try the Water Mint & Sage Foam. It’s enriched with botanical extracts to enhance your bathing experience with pampering bubbles. Plus, the smell alone is worthy of buying this.

Water Mint & Sage Foam Bath 500 ml R59.99

3. Buttered Bods

With winter itching closer, it’s time to lock in as much moisture as you can into your skin. Pro tip: after a bath or shower, don’t completely dry yourself, apply a generous amount of Woolies’ body butter and you’ll lock in some much needed H2O. Shop our faves:

Lemon Verbena Body Butter 200 ml R59.99

Shea Butter & Honey Body Butter 200 ml R59.99

4. Handle with Care

We focus a lot on giving our faces a glow-up and often neglect our hands. They are one of the areas people forget to moisturise. Rethink hand-cream in your bag, it’s not just for the oldies. Living under the African sun really damages our skin – even more reason to lather them up!


No parabens and no synthetic colours, we love the light weight feel and active ingredients from nature. Lemon Verbena 30 ml R24.99

This truly smells like dessert! Why wouldn’t you want almond milk and vanilla hands. The shea butter and yoghurt add a velvety texture to this amazing hand balm. Almond Milk and Vanilla Hand Balm 75 ml R39.99

To find out more about Woolworths’ skincare and haircare range, visit Woolworths.co.za or connect via social media:

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