Natural Deodorant: Does it Work? (+ 5 We Trust That You Can Shop RN)

Smell ya later!

It’s summer in SA and the temperatures are soaring. We are still a few months away from autumn which means that, between then and now, we are going to be doing a lot of sweating. Sorry!

While most of us smear or spray antiperspirant on to our armpits to stay fresh, many people have started making the change to natural deodorant. Why? Much like advocates for natural and organic skincare, some people want to minimise the number of chemicals that they are putting on to their bodies. Fair enough. One of the main ingredients in antiperspirant is aluminum, which prevents the expulsion of toxins through the under-arm region. Some claim that this, in turn, can cause blockages at best, deadly diseases at worst. But don’t stress because there is very little evidence to back up these claims. And, if you are a believer, there is always natural deodorant that can come to your rescue.

It should be noted that while natural deodorants can keep smells at bay, they don’t prevent you from sweating altogether. But since this is a normal bodily function, you should really be sweating with pride anyway, right?

Want to get on the green deodorant train? Here are five products we recommend.

1 Dr. Organic Pomegranate Deodorant

If you are a roller-ball type of gal and you also happen to like fruity fragrances, this pomegranate-scented deodorant, which has a no-clogging formula and is made from bioactive ingredients, will keep you fresh ‘n fruity all day long.

2 Schmidt’s Sensitive Skin Coconut Pineapple Deodorant Stick

If you like piña coladas (🎤and getting caught in the rain🎤) then you are going to be OBSESSED with this deodorant. It’s made with sensitive skin in mind and it will have you sniffing your pits and dreaming of a tropical vacay.

3 Himalayan Crystal Salt Deodorant Bar

This might look more like a bar of soap, but it’s actually made from the same fancy pink Himalayan salt you grind over your food. Wetting it and then wiping this on your armpits keeps smells at bay and bonus – it lasts forever!

4 Dr. Hauschka Rose Deodorant

Not only does this floral find keep odours at bay, but the creamy formula also provides your under-arm skin with some much-needed nourishment. When was the last time you treated them to some lotion? We thought as much…

5 Ben & Anna Persian Lime Natural Soda Deodorant

Looking for a fresh citrus burst to start your day off right? Then this is the natural deodorant you need to be smearing all over your pits. The main ingredient is sodium bicarbonate which absorbs wetness and keeps odours in check.

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