Nasty C got some fresh ink dedicated to his mother

Cutest. Gesture. Ever.

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Nasty C may only be 22 years young, but he is already one of SA’s best-loved rappers and music producers. And while he is burning up the charts and revelling in the *major success* of his latest tour, he has managed to find time to get some fresh ink. His latest tats aren’t just for aesthetics, but have a deeper meaning: They are a tribute to his late mother.

Nasty C’s tribute tattoo

If you are a fan of Nasty C, you might have noticed that he is sporting some new tattoos on his hand. One hand has some ink that reads ‘IVYSON’, and on the other hand are symbols of an eye, the letter ‘V’ and a sun. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll also know that Ivyson is the name of his latest tour. But the tattoos, as well as the tour name, are actually both references to his mother, who was involved in a fatal car accident when he was just 11 months old.

He explained the significance behind this seemingly-meaningless, made-up word at an event earlier this year where he received an award for Strings and Bling album. ‘How I came up with the Ivyson tour name is that my mother’s name was Ivy and I’m her son … hence Ivy-son.’ Thanks for clearing that up! The symbols on his other hand also spell out the word, so it’s like he is doing a *double* dedication to her. Is he sweet or what?

So it seems that Nasty C is not just making his mark on the world but on his skin as well. And it’s for all the right reasons, such as including his mother in his success. What can we say? We love a mama’s boy (especially when he is covered in body art)!

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