Naomi Campbell did a GRWM video with makeup guru Jackie Aina

(and she let us in on her beauty secrets!)

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Jackie Aina has been on YouTube for a whole 10 years(!!!!) which proves that time really does fly when you’re having fun. And while we have always watched (and rewatched) her GRWM — or ‘get ready with me’ — videos, her latest one was a dream come true for her as well as for her enormous audience. Her and model legend Naomi Campbell created a vid together where they get glammed up together, and it is the best 12-minutes of our lives thus far.

Get ready with Naomi & Jackie

Jackie Aina has had an illustrious career in the makeup world already, but her career highlight happened just the other day when she and Naomi Campbell did a GRWM video together for her YouTube channel.

Jackie says at the beginning of the vid that she would be asking Naomi 25 questions while getting ready. Well, there weren’t quite 25 (yes, we counted) but we nevertheless learnt quite a bit about the model’s beauty habits.

Apparently, Naomi is hopeless at doing her brows (same tbh) and only trusts Anastasia Soare (of Anastasia Beverly Hills fame) to do hers. Hey, money talks! She also said that she likes to keep her everyday look as natural as possible, and only applies foundation and concealer where (and if) she needs it, and avoids her forehead because applying product there would be way too heavy. Okay then.

One of the most shocking revelations to come out of this soon-to-be-iconic beauty video is that Naomi only wears sunscreen on her lips and not the rest of her body as one should. Consider us shook! We can only hope that she starts using some soon (she could totes get her assistants to apply it) so that she remains goddess-like for another 20 years.

Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure. Watch and learn!

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