The Mousson creams and lotions to help you tackle dry, dull skin this summer

Hydrated, moisturised and minding our business

Mousson Creams and Lotions

Mousson’s new creams and lotions will leave your skin feeling ultra-soft, smooth and moisturised.

Yes, your summer vacay wardrobe should be all about *Havana, ooh na-na* style and that plan doesn’t include dry, dull skin. The Triple Results+ range by Mousson is actually the best for all skin types including normal, dry and super dry skin.

Glowy AF skin usually comes with an uncomfy price to pay but not with Mousson. The Triple Results+ range is available in lotion formula which is perfect for summer because it’s easy to apply and absorbs quickly (because no one needs to feel yucky in the heat). And during colder months, the cream locks in moisture thanks to its thicker consistency.

Mousson Complete Body Moisturiser 

These products are perfect for hydrating normal to dry skin. The range is dermatologically tested and you’re gonna love that aloe vera not only hydrates your skin but improves the texture too. The Pro-Vitamin B5 makes it fast-absorbing and gives that long-lasting moisture that hot days call for. Also, the super berry serum is made from fruit extracts like acai berry, cranberry, elderflower, pomegranate and goji berry for super-soft, radiant skin. 

Mousson Intense Moisture Lotion

The solution for dry skin is the Triple Results+ Intense Moisture Lotion range. Again, it’s dermatologically tested and you don’t have to worry about re-applying because this range deeply nourishes your skin. It contains cocoa butter for amazing nourishment, fast-absorbing shea butter which keeps you feeling moisturised and coconut oil to care for your skin.

Mousson Rich Body Lotion 

Say goodbye to very dry skin, all thanks to this dermatologically tested Skin Rich Moisture Lotion. This luxurious range is the secret weapon to treat super dry skin. It’s infused with almond milk to rebuild your skin, ocean minerals for a super moisturised feeling and argan oil to protect, hydrate and smooth your skin. 

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Triple Results+ Mousson Complete Body Moisturiser

R42.99 Clicks

Contains aloe vera, vitamin B5 and superberry serum to hydrate dry skin.


Triple Results+ Mousson Intense Body Moisturiser

R42.99 Clicks

Plant oils, cocoa butter and shea butter help to deeply nourish dry skin.


Triple Results+ Mousson Rich Body Moisturiser

R42.99 Clicks

Infused with almond milk, ocean minerals and argan oil to restore dull skin.


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