Moooooove Over, French Tips, Because Cow Print Nails Are Here to Slay

They’re legen-dairy 🐮🐮🐮

The barnyard fantasy we didn’t know we had has just been realised because cow print nails are officially trending. We didn’t see it coming either but hey – if leopard print can make its way onto everything, why can’t our bovine friends get some appreciation too? Spoiler alert: They can. And they are.

Cow Print Nails Are Trending

Nail art and nail colour trends come and go all the time, but not all of them come with a celebrity endorsement. The fact that Ariana Grande and Kendall Jenner – two of Hollywood’s most envied stars – have been seen sporting this new trend makes it official (and only a matter of time before everyone starts rocking some mooing manis).

Now that you are totally convinced that this livestock print is being worn by the rich and famous, here is what other nail artists have been creating on less famous (but no less worthy) fingers:

Love it or hate it, you can’t accuse this look of being basic!

While the standard colours for this type of manicure is black and white, there are all sorts of variations to make cow print nails more personalised. Instead of black, you could do brown and white for a cowgirl-esque look. If you are worried that a whole two handfuls of this design might be a bit too attention-grabbing you can also do a cow print statement nail (or two, or three) rather than going ‘full bull’.

What’s that you say? You LIKE your nails to be extra? We got you. Another great option is to add some glitter to this look, whether it’s subtle half moons at your cuticles or a shimmery top coat to add a sparkly overall effect. Whatever your preference, you’d better get mooooooving because, like all great trends, it probably has a limited shelf life before it starts to curdle. Not unlike the milk lurking in the back of your fridge.

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