Monochromatic Makeup Requires ONE Colour to Make You Gorgeous

One colour = best look EVER

When most of us do our makeup we rely on a multitude of different shades, from our blush to our lipstick, to create the final masterpiece. But there’s a new trend in town known in the beauty world as monochromatic makeup and it drastically cuts the number of colours and products you use to just one.


What’s that? Yip, just one. And guess what? The results are totally AH-mazing.


One Shade = 100% Perfection

Other than looking gorgeous, another upside to the monochromatic makeup trend is that most of us don’t enjoy lugging a bulky makeup bag around with us, and now you only need one product for a sexy look at home OR on-the-go. And why spend ages trying to find a blush that matches your lipstick, and vice versa, when you can use the same shade on both your cheeks AND lips? And not only can you use the same shade, but you can even use the same product. How’s that for a win?


How To Do It

If you want to use your favourite lipstick as your colour, then opt for one that is in a roll-up tube and has a matte finish. Apply it very lightly to your eyelids and blend the edges with a brush. Using too much, or one with a glossy finish, will not only feel sticky but will also end up in the creases of your eyelids – not a good look, fam! Do the same on your cheeks and then apply to your lips to complete your look. Want those lips to stand out a bit more? We got you – simply add a bit of gloss over the colour and you’re good to go.

If you have an eye shadow you adore, apply it to your eyelids and then your cheeks as you would your blush. Then remove a little bit from the palette and mix with gloss to make a matching colour for your lips. It’s that easy!

If you want to try a more daring shade that might look weird on your cheeks, skip the blush altogether and simply add some facial oil to your cheekbones to make them pop.

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Easy AND chic AF? This trend ticks all of our boxes.

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